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Anupama College of Pharmacy is recognized by Government of Karnataka and the Pharmacy Council of India & AICTE. College is currently in an exciting phase of growth, with a Pharmacy programme commenced in 1988. The Programme implements the most innovative and progressive teaching, in conjunction with formulation, synthesis, preclinical as well as clinical experience and dynamic research opportunities.

Museum at ACP

The Museum of Anupama College of Pharmacy, Bangalore holds various Informative and Educative specimens & models related to Pharmacy such as Drug samples used to cure various diseases...

Training and Placement

Training and placement cell forms an integral part of the institute. Anupama College of Pharmacy provides complete infrastructure for effective functioning of the cell. Training activities are organized throughout the year...

Why Study at Anupama College of Pharmacy?

Anupama College of Pharmacy is one of the best Pharmacy College in Bangalore are designed to give students specialized skills in medicinal chemistry, clinical management, biology, anatomy, health information technology, biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, and pharmaceutics.

Here are some other benefits of studying in Anupama College of Pharmacy:
Recruitment Opportunities: Every year, recruiters from two sectors - hospital and retail, recruit students in scores from the leading pharmacy college in Bangalore. Other sectors where young pharmacists are being hired at a high rate include academics, tech, & the medical research industry.
Internship Opportunities: In the healthcare industry, pharmacists typically have to work around the clock. In most 24×7 pharmacies, six or more pharmacists work 8-hour shifts every day. This high demand for pharmacists is only set to increase in the coming years. This is great news for young pharmacists at the Anupama College of Pharmacy. They’re in a prime position to secure high-paying and informative internship opportunities.
A Respected Subject & Profession: All members of the medical community garner societal respect and admiration, including pharmacists. Gaining an education in pharmaceutical science is a tough, yet highly effective way of climbing the social ladder.

Anupama College of Pharmacy is one among the top D pharmacy colleges in Bangalore that provide diplomas in pharmacy to students with 10+2 level education in science. D pharmacy courses are shorter and less complicated than bachelor’s degree courses. They’re suited for students who want to swiftly launch their pharmacy careers. D pharmacy courses give them a solid understanding of the fundamentals of how the new-age pharmaceutical industry operates.
D pharmacy colleges in Bangalore also cost much less, compared to their degree-based counterparts. In fact, many students who pass out from D pharmacy colleges in Bangalore, end up going for higher education later on in their careers. For them, their career graph looks something like this:
Get a diploma from a reputable Anupama D pharmacy college in Bangalore Secure employment in the pharmacy sector Save money Apply for an advanced level degree (e.g., Bachelor of Pharmacy) at a Anupama College of Pharmacy its best pharmacy college in Bangalore to specialize in a specific field of pharmacy.

Selecting a D Pharmacy College in Bangalore The process of selecting a good D pharmacy college in Bangalore is the same as selecting a B Pharmacy or an even advanced pharmacy institute. You need to consider basic factors like:
• Faculty quality
• Access to high-quality facilities
• Batch sizes in relation to class sizes
• Up-to-date licensing from India’s Pharmacy Council
• Relevant course curriculum that matches industry standards
• Fair tuition rates
• On-campus job opportunities

Name of the course Diploma in Pharmacy D.Pharm Bachelor of Pharmacy B.Pharm
Level of Education Undergraduate Undergraduate
Course Type Diploma Degree
Course Duration 2 years (maximum) 4 years (maximum)
Internship Opportunities Yes Austria
Eligibility Class 12 pass with minimum 50% marks Class 12 pass with minimum 55% marks
Main Subjects studied Pharmacology, Chemistry, Biology Pharmacology, Chemistry, Biology
Admission criteria Passing state or university-based entrance tests Passing National or State level entrance tests
Exams accepted AP EAMCET, state-level courses WBJEE, BITSAT, MET, UPSEE, TS EAMCET

Conclusion: If you’re an aspiring pharmacy student, your search can end at the Anupama College of Pharmacy. We’re currently one of the most highly-rated best D pharmacy colleges in Bangalore. We offer students two-year, full-time D pharm programs (D-pharmacy or diploma in pharmacy) with internship opportunities. We’re certified by the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI).

Every year, our D pharmacy college attracts thousands of students with 10+2 (with PCB or PCM) educational credentials. These students gain direct access to our top-quality facilities and faculty right from the start. Applicants have to pass online MCQ tests to earn admission into our highly-rated institute. If you’re interested, please contact us today!

Animal House

Animals House at Anupama College of Pharmacy is well planned and spacious. Separate Rooms for Rats, Mice, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits are provided along with working area, store room & wash area


Double Beam/UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, HPLC, Biochemistry semi auto analyzer, Automatic dissolution test apparatus, Disintegration apparatus, Dissolution apparatus, Tablet counter, etc


Library is a collection of sources of information. It is the soul of the institution and it has an extensive collection of books, scientific and technical journals and electronic reference materials for satisfying ...

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